Is he cheating on me?
           An analytics driven relationship assessment tool

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INSTRUCTIONS: Check off your answers below and the gauge
will update and predict how likely it is he is cheating on you.


Answer the 10 questions below:

How old is he?   Under 18   19-30   31-40   41-60
How long have you been dating/married?  
       Under 3 mons   3-6 mons   6 mons - 1 yr   Over 1 yr  
Is he avoiding eye contact?   Yes   No
Is he acting distant?   Yes   No
Is he dressing differently?   Yes   No
Are his friends keeping things from you?   Yes   No
Has he recently given you any gifts?   Yes   No
Has he been lying to you?   Yes   No   Not Sure
Are you living together?   Yes   No
Can you talk openly with him?   Yes   No